Friday, October 16, 2009

The Worst CM Ever!!

CM is the key to conception. If you ain't got ain't getting pregnant. Plus, I just found out at my Creighton Model appointment that the lower your CM score..the more likely you are to miscarry. Great!

I feel this cycle is a bust. I had 6K, 6K, OAD, 10SL...and that is it! My past CM scores have been a 3 and a 4.....a good mucus score is between 9-16. So, mine is HORRIBLE!!! You can not get pregnant on a 3. And if I miraculously do...I am not starting out well anyhow.

These scores were computed towards the end of my meeting. I turned into a miserable human being from then on....

I need to get my CM working. I want to try the amoxicillin. My Creighton lady faxed my doctor all of the information and I have been trying to call her all morning...but the line is busy. Don't these people have call waiting?

Unfortunately, my personality does not lend for me to go out on a limb and self prescribe I have to wait for action on my doctors part. I mentioned Fertile CM....and she said it was not part of Napro protocol.

Any other ideas??? Maybe I should go back to the doctor that told me to use egg whites!!

UPDATE: Just got my prescription for amoxicillin!!!!! Yeah!!! I did not mention my allergic stuff. So, if you don't hear from me is because either my throat has closed up or I have broken out in a deathly rash!!!

Off to CVS.....


  1. I'm skeptical about the egg whites. How could they possibly have the proper PH or be at all like CM on the microscopic level? And so what if FertileCM isn't part of Napro protocol. I doubt your Napro practitioner is a 39 year old woman having problems getting pregnant. Me, I'm trying FertileCM's main ingredient, L-Arginine, on the grounds that it can't hurt and I need all the help I can get. Congrats on getting the Amoxicillin. Enjoy!

  2. You crack me up!!! Do you live anywhere near me!? I wanna come and visit you! hahahahaha!

    Dying laughing over here! Go Amox. Can you take some kids benadryl? Or something? I took some and it took my hives away! :)

  3. Sweet, you got the Amox!! Hopefully you don't have an anaphylactic reaction, hahaha! I'm with Sew, you crack me up :)

    And I think Fertile CM actually IS part of NaPro protocol... I've heard that Dr Hilgers recommends it to some patients. Maybe your Practitioner just wasn't aware of this.

    I use it, and I AM a Practitioner who works for a NaPro Dr, lol!! I hope I don't go to hell for using it, hehe ;) I use it in addition to Amox.

    Oh... and by the way... FJIEJ just got pg with only 6Ks and 6Cs in her mucus cycle. You just NEVER KNOW!!!