Friday, October 23, 2009

Miscarriage, Chemical Pregnancy..and Late Ovulation!

That all makes for a depressing lunch! The three woman at the lunch table had all this going on within a few days of each other. I went out for lunch with my best friends from high school yesterday..and it was all baby talk. My one friend had just had a miscarriage after having one in July and a still birth last November. Plus, they discovered that she had some genetic clotting disorder on top of it all. My other friend just got her period after getting a few positives on some HPTs...chemical pregnancy.

And me...well my cycle is WEIRD this month. I am not sure if it was the Master Cleanse, the mid-fertile start of Amoxicillin...or what! But I ovulated 6 days later than usual. And the CM was all over the place.

So..we all got ice cream for dessert! It was sooo good!!!

I am currently taking the oral progesterone from P+3 to P+12....Post Peak Day 17 (The day you check for pregnancy) will be CD 34. I have never had a cycle that long....maybe there is a full moon???

I have been turned down for international adoption. That was quick!! You need to be married for 3-5 years for the particular countries. But Kathryn at TAR....told me Ethiopia was 2 I am going to check that out!!!


  1. That lunch certainly desrved ice cream! I'm glad you were all able to offer support to each other.

  2. Wow, that is a lot of suffering at one lunch table! It is good you have eachother....

    Yeah, check out Ethiopia! :)

  3. Sorry that you and your friends are having a rough time. It's great that you were able to be there for one another. Good luck with Ethiopia.

  4. Was it chocolate ice cream? It's nice to hear about anyone experiencing a baby talk conversation that doesn't make them want to lock themselves in a bathroom stall for a few minutes until they get the tears under control. It's good that you can be there for each other.