Thursday, October 8, 2009

Remember When I Said I Loved My New Juicer....

Well....I take it back. I am tired of juicing lemons!!! Already! Day 4 of the Master Cleanse...and all is good. But the juicing is never ending. Everything must be made fresh! I am perplexed as to why I am not hungry and have had no hunger pains. This lemonade stuff must really do the trick.

I had the "smooth move" tea last night...and I am telling you this stuff is better than any type of medicine!! It taste like crap....but it works. I had to get more lemons at Whole Foods and I found some Chocolate "smooth move" tea....maybe that will taste better. I drank it at 8:00...while watching Glee....and by 7:00 that next morning my intestines were clear!!! Craziness!! I feel like I am 10 pounds lighter!

I am making my husband an amazing looks so good!! However, a flip flop would probably taste good at this point! I am making a cashew crusted salmon w/ rice and a Ceaser salad!!

Dr. T called me this morning (the call back took about a week...notice how patient I was)...and she told me that my progesterone levels at p+7 were great! And that I was officially allowed to TTC....I am wondering if the MC will effect this in any way....

Anyone know???

Off to watch the rest of the Phillies....they are losing 4-3 right now...ugh!!!!!


  1. Gosh, I'm so jealous! Sounds wonderful!!!

  2. Did everything move smoothly as advertised. Sorry about the Phillies. Although we're a PA couple, DH follows the Yankees and the Steelers. We follow the Flyers, however. I was disappointed not to see Crosby crushed in yesterday's game.