Monday, October 26, 2009

Guilty Pleasures!

I just ran for 30 minutes around town listening to my Glee Soundtrack and then came home and ate a piece of chocolate cake. What is wrong with me....I just ran for NOTHING!!

Speaking of guilty pleasures....God is not going to be to happy with me on my judgment day. I have a feeling he is concerned about my obsession with the TV series Glee. It is not very holy...and I should not be watching it. But, I really can not help myself. I have not been this excited about TV since Felicity in the late 90's. My TV exposure is limited to baseball and FOX news...

I was a theater major in college and have been singing since I was nine. I have sung in bands, community theater, the Spirit of Philadelphia...and auditioned for all the wacky singing shows...Star Search, The Al Albert's Show..(totally aging myself there....) ...too old for American Idol. but, I am still waiting for the day the age change comes!! I have my song all ready! So, I am living vicariously through "Rachael" on Glee...

The greatest thing has happened this week: The cast of Glee is performing the national Anthem at the World Series in Philadelphia!!! This is a "baseball loving theater geeks" dream!!! I am too excited!

Off to give blood for P+7....need good progesterone numbers!!

Enjoy this beautiful Fall day if you are in the Northeast!!

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  1. You're not rationalizing properly: you ran so you could eat the cake. Perfectly reasonable.