Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 8: Hungry....

Good Morning! Yes! I am hungry. I had a meeting this morning to straighten out a tax issue with our accountant and I came out and smelled bread! Panera Bread!! I could practically taste it. I had to quickly get in my car before I made a detour.

I know I have lost weight...and I like that...but I am really sick of this lemonade. I am on Day 6 of just the lemonade....and I am dying to chew something...even a little piece of gum! I find myself making plan about what I am going to eat next Sunday. The day I come off the detox.I feel like I am on Survivor...

My husband refuses to give up the coffee in the morning. I told him that was not part of the program and that it kinda defeats the purpose of the "detox." He would never last on Survivor.

Great news: Phillies won last night...and I am such a loser...I stayed up til 2:30am to watch the game. I will pay for it today. Maybe that is why I am feeling low energy and hungry.

I am thinking about taking Mucinex. The detox says not to take any medication...but I really don't want to miss out on this cycle...I hope it doesn't matter. I need some good CM!!! If not I am kidnapping my doctor until see gives me some amoxicillian! Ha!


  1. I can't believe you made it eight days without food. I ate not even 4 hours ago and my stomach is threatening to growl. I know I'd be sick of all lemonade and any other fruity beverage by this point. Only a few more days until Sunday. You can do this!

    Do the Mucinex. It's your body and your cycle. If you don't want to miss out - and I completely understand - go for it.

  2. Go for the v8. It's good stuff. Plenty of vitamins and potassium. How can that be bad? And flavor. You could practically call it soup, like gazpacho.