Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 1 of the Master Cleanse!

The "Ease In" started today. It is going okay...but would have gone better if I didn't go out last night for a few beers with my husband. So far I had a banana, apple, half of an avocado, and some slices of red pepper. For dinner I am going to have broccoli and some cantaloupe. I also went out and got a citrus juicer using my 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond...which is so much fun! I tried it out on an orange and the juice is perfect! My third day will be only orange that won't be that bad.

I have a headache...which could be from the beer, lack of coffee, or sugar...not sure which. I am excited to feel light and energized. I hope I can make it for the 16 days!!! I have to cook a London Broil tonight for dinner. The smell is going to torture me!!!

I wish I owned a scale because I won't be able to document weight loss. I can always tell by my that will have to do

I am sorry that you will have to be reading about food...but I will try to shake it up.

I'll be back to post at the end of the day....


  1. Oh wow! You are "easing" in. :) hahahaha

    Hopefully you won't feel like death, like I did on the second day.

    I'm going to start tomorrow after my GI doctor appointment. Unless he has another fancy reason, I look 4 months pregnant when I relax. :)

  2. I'm gonna do the juice because I have so much juice in the fridge. :) The problem I have is taking the herbal lax at night and again during the day. I'm not sure my bowel can handle that. I did it last night and this am and it hurt. Not comfortable. :( I really want to do it.....