Friday, October 30, 2009

P+7 Results...

I finally got my P+7 results. I gave blood on Monday...and kept forgetting to call. I did call yesterday but they still did not have my results....which is unusual because they always seem to get them by the next day.

Anyhow, Dr. T called and told me my progesterone was...drum roll....


She used the word robust!! Ha!!...that must be good. Sounds like a good cup of coffee. Remember, I can't understand a word that Dr. T says...but she loves Our Lady and that's all that matters.

So, I asked her if this could be a pregnancy because I wanted to drink like a fish tomorrow night and eat raw fish too!! How often does your favorite team (Phillies) since you were 11 play in the WS and your favorite TV show cast sing the National Anthem on the same night???..and you were invited to go to sushi and then down to the local watering hole (The Flying Pig) for drinks and watch the game????

Okay..I didn't mention any of that...but she just said robust and PT test at that is in 4 days...I may just go get one today anyway......

I will Google 82.4 and see what I get...yes...just the numbers 82.4 and see what I get!
Maybe St. Anne will look upon her humble servant who is failing as a good person these past few days and be kind to me!


P.S.....I don't want to get my hopes up because I am on that could account for the numbers.....but I just did Google 82.4 and that seems to be in the range of a second trimester pregnancy...which clearly I am who knows what that means??????


  1. O.M.Gosh! By now you should totally be faking pregnancy symptoms. If I had a progesterone like that I would dead on the ground, probably delivering my sextuplets! hahahahaha

    What was your progesterone? How much prometrium are you on? I have never seen a number so high before in my life. Never. I mean is that normal? Hahahahahaha

  2. Those are great numbers! Yes, they will be inflated by the support, but even the prometrium can't inflate them that much.

    VERY exciting!

  3. Sew: My thoughts exactly after I googled for those numbers and found not another woman on the planet with a "robust" 82.4. I wonder if I misheard my doctor?? Anyhow, I was been diagnosed with low progesterone in April and started HCG shots and I took progesterone shots and 200mg of Prometrium during pregnancy. After I miscarried, my bloodwork came back and said my hormones were now normal...but my Dr. put me on 200mg of prometrium in case to support a pregnancy if I got pregnant. My progesterone level in August was 17.9 and 22 in September.

    Yes! weird!!!

    Honestly..the sextuplet thing and "fake pregnancy symptoms" had me cracking up!!! I can't even fake the symptoms....I just don't feel them!!!

    P.S....I once had a super, super high testosterone level come back...ended up not being my blood (probably The Hulks)....could be the same here....

  4. That is a seriously high number. If that number is correct, that's amazing even with supplementation. Sew, you are hilarious.

  5. Maybe she said veinty twwaaoo pant foury and you heard 82.4 instead of 22.4??? I don't know! hahahahaha

    I can't explain it just doesn't seem right. Are you sweating like crazy??? :)

    Lucky you don't feel symptoms! What I would give. I'm thinking I already feel pregnant for next cycle! :) hahahaha

  6. Ummmm..... HOLY SHIT!!!!

    Mine were 46 (my record, previous record at 43), and I was on 200 mgs Prometrium and 100 mgs Endometrin!!! YOU WIN!!

    I don't want to get your hopes up, but those are some SERIOUS numbers. I wouldn't drink. Or maybe you should, since your team's gonna lose tonight :P :P (Sorry, I had to say it... die hard Yankee fan, here- with parents from the Bronx :) )

    I was peeing my pants at your comment that you were googling just the number 82.4 and see what you got. Hahaha... so, what did you get?? Anything good?

  7. HS: I was on supplements and also had OHSS that contributed to my high number, but my proestrogen was very high and got to 184 (after pregnancy was confirmed). I don't know what it was exactly at P+7, all they told me was that it was "greater than 47".

  8. Oh Gosh!! You ladies are making me die over here!!!! Especially with that sacrilegious comment about the Phillies...There is nobody cuter than Cliff Lee..TCIE...who do you have?? Jeter??? A-Rod??? Ha..ha!!!

    Anyhow, just spent 15 minutes in the car outside of Walgreens with my husband debating If I wanted to subject myself take a it...but not using it until tomorrow morning!!

    And again, are a hoot! I am not sweating any more or less than I normally do...isn't that a sign of menopause...that's what I really think this is all about!!!

  9. Ann:
    What is OHSS??? I am so bad with these acronyms??

  10. over hyperstimulation ovarian syndrome. Too much stimulation of my ovaries. Mine was a mild case. After the follicles rupture they will start releasing progesterone to support a pregnancy if one occurs (that's how they can use the prog. number to see if you actually ovulated b/c if the progesterone isn't there, then the follicle didn't rupture). Because I was overstimulated with many ruptured follicles, each one was producing progesterone, making my numbers high.

    But, I have had progesterone in the 60s before w/o OHSS. All I'm saying is that is a seriously good number. (I would think anything in the 40s is great).