Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 5-My Daughter Bails!!

But, I am kinda happy about that! I didn't think she needs it..and shouldn't be doing it while trying to do well in school and work after school. So, last night she broke down and had New England clam looked good!

I also decided to change a few things:

I didn't do the orange juice "ease in" I only did two "ease in" days. I am getting rid of the orange juice ease out day. So, that lessens my detox to 2 weeks instead of 16 days. I think that is enough of a detox. 2weeks without food is hard enough!!! Plus, I am not doing the salt wash at all. I mixed the salt and water up....and it almost made me throw-up....and I just can't imagine having a quart of sea water in my belly! The teas work just fine...and really!....there is nothing left in me to come out...the teas will be milder and easier to digest. I believe the original detox said you could do either/or/both....

The chocolate tea was not as tasty as the original.....the "chocolate" in the title got me excited...but there is no Hersey in that tea!!!!

Phils lost....sniff...sniff...

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