Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Babysitting Break

This week I am watching my Sister's 4 children plus my stepdaughter. So I have 5! They are all coloring right I thought I would take a moment to write.

This week has been a bit hectic with school starting for my 17 year old. Her birthday is also this needless to say the first week of September is ALWAYS crazy. I figure I need to get pregnant during the months of October and November to avoid this problem again. Speaking of which, I am expecting my period any minute...any second! I have not been feeling like myself, so I am surprised that it has not come yet.

This is lame...but I really hope I am not pregnant! I have had so much paint, caulk, and wood dust up my nose the past week...nothing could live in this body!! In June when I was pregnant, I started caulking our porch and then I read the horrible warnings on the container!! I immediately stopped and got out of doing any more work...

A quick rant while I am sitting here with the kids coloring and watching The Disney Channel! I can not stand Nickelodeon or The Disney Channel!! Honestly, this stuff is NOT appropriate for children. The kids on these shows all scream...they are disrespectful to adults, and the themes are always about dating. 8 year olds should not be worrying about dating....If and when I have any more children....I am getting rid of cable!

Tonight: Birthday dinner of clams, scallops and salad...daughter does not eat meat!!

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