Sunday, September 20, 2009

My 40th Year!

The 40th Birthday Parties have begun. This is the year my friends and I all turn 40! Ugh! I don't even like saying it. So, last night started off with a Spaghetti Dinner thrown by the parents of a friend. It was great fun! They had a temp tattoo artist there for us and 80's Karaoke. I was laughing so hard..everyone was in rare form and I got a Chinese letter on my back that represent "life" should fade in 3 weeks!

My birthday is November 29th...if I am not pregnant before that date..I am going to freak!!! Which bring me to my weird Creighton chart. If anyone has insight..please do tell!

CD 11: 6K
CD 12: 6K
CD 13: 0AD
CD 14: 2 x1
CD 15: 10KL x1
CD 16: 2 x2
CD 17: 0 AD

And today I saw 10KL.....WTH!!! I am suppose to start taking my oral progesterone on P+3..which would be today if I did not see does that mean I have not ovualted yet or had my peak day?? And if I take the progesterone, what will it do to me if I have not ovulated yet??

Mmmmm..what to do...what to do???


  1. Sounds like a blast! Happy early 40th. I'm no help on the CM chart; hope someone chimes in to help you.

  2. Hmm, yeah definately sounds like you need a more beneficial cm enhancer like Amox. Hopefully you don't break out too badly in a rash ;) Or have you tried Fertile CM? And Pre-Seed is a good back-up in case nothing works.