Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Doctor's Appointment!

I love my doctor (Dr. T). She is adorable and so holy. I mean really holy. There is a picture of Mary in every room. Every time I call her she needs to whisper to me that she is in Church and needs to call me back. She sang Happy Birthday to Mary as soon as I came in for my appointment this morning at 8:00. She was praying for me that morning at daily Mass. I don't care if she knows NOT one thing about medicine....she loves Mary and that is all that matters.

So...good news...but I wanted HCG!!! It seems that my progesterone levels are now normal. So normal that I do not need to get the HCG shots anymore. I know this might sound crazy...but I am disappointed. You see, I got pregnant the month after I started the shots. So, in my head...HCG equals baby. My husband says it is all in my head....and he is probably right! (I told him I was going to use the left over HCG in the fridge....it is like I am going through withdrawl...he thinks I'm crazy.)

Instead I was given a prescription for oral progesterone to take from P+3 through P+7 to support a pregnancy if one occurs. Dr. T also told us to wait one month to ttc...bummer!

This is the cake (if you want the recipe) I am baking for my daughter's birthday party on Saturday. It looks so good...I can't stand it! I hope that I can make it look just like that one.


  1. I'm glad your levels are normal, but bummer having to wait again.

    That cake looks like so much fun! You'll have to post pictures of how yours turned out.

  2. I've never seen your blog before just now!!

    So glad to have found you, and although there's no hcg in your near future, I have a lot of hope that your Dr has a good plan going here... I love how you said, "I don't care if she knows not one thing about medicine, she loves Mary!!" Hahaha!!

  3. Bummer on the HCG! Bummer! :)

    It really is my happy drug. I need HCG for the simple fact that my hormones crash. They pack up and move out whenever they please. Looser Hormones!

    But having normal levels is great! ARGH for waiting one more cycle! We are trying. Not sure if we are supposed to be? I hope I can get a p+7 this month. :)

    I need to add you to my favorites so I don't loose you again!

    Love the cake! It's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!