Friday, September 25, 2009

P+7 Results

Well...I don't have them. All day long I was trying to remember to call Dr. T and get my P+7 progesterone results from the blood I gave yesterday...and I forgot! Unfortunately, it is Friday and I will not be able to call until Monday. Bummero!!

Today, I am CD22...When you are trying to conceive your month is formulated into 3 segments:

1- Period (Ugh)
2- Fertile Time
3- Waiting....

So...I am waiting. the waiting period is also the time that I try not to drink. Just in case I am pregnant I don't want to be sorry later. It is not like I am a booze hound...I just like my glass of wine with dinner or while I am cooking pasta. It just dosen't seem right to be cooking Italian without my wine glass. My favorite was Monkey Bay this Summer..a white!

So I am about 8 days away to a Pregnancy Test or Always Mini Pads....Have I told you that I am not using tampons anymore???

My next post will tell you why I am now anti-tampon!!!!


  1. I've been tampon-free for almost 4 years. I used to use them exclusively when I first started having periods, but a good friend of mine in HS put it best when she said, "It was meant to come OUT, not be plugged up for hours."
    Haha! Can't wait to read your next post for your reasoning :)

  2. I hate tampons! The only reason I hate them is because I used to deliver them (not really) when I had endo. And for some reason, I just can't bring myself to do it.... :) Now, I think it's really sick, but I love to see the red blood. Yes, its bad...IF is getting to my head!!! hahahahaha'

    My dr. wants to see estrogen over 200 and progesterone at or above 25. :)

    It was depressing for me because I think I will need the next 3-4 months to get to where I need to be.... :) GO figure....