Monday, September 21, 2009

Now I Am Making Stuff Up!!!

So...I decided to wipe the 10K from my head...and my chart! It never happened! Ha! And I took the oral progesterone this morning. So I made today P+4 and I will give blood on Thursday. I will be taking the oral progesterone until P+12. So, I believe I am out of fertile phase and I will now have to wait and see if anything great has happened!! Even though I was told to wait... temp tattoo that was suppose to last for 3 weeks has already disappeared! Which is probably a good thing! It started a fight with my hubby on the way home from the party anyhow. I was going off on how I believe women should not have tattoos (sorry for anyone who does...). I don't think Mother Mary would get a tattoo and plus what out there is so sacred and wonderful that you would have it permanently plastered on your body. My hubby has a tattoo (which I am not fond of....) he was probably taking it personally....but I was talking about girls!!

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