Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Painting, Pregnant Women, and Pottery Barn!

I have slacked on the blog because I am knee deep in paint. The project looked small...but I have added rooms on as I got started. I really needed to change the weird blue/green color of my side entrance floor. I decide to paint it black along with the stairs leading down to the basement. They look fabulous now..however, I see little white foot prints. My foot of course...let's hope this is just because my house is a dust haven from all the sanding!

Quite similar to the famous saying from the little boy from The Sixth Sense..."I see dead people"...well "I see pregnant women." Everywhere!! I went out to Target and Home Depot today and they were out in full force!! Cute little pregnant women with children in tow. Actually I saw many large families at Target. Now, I say large..because you rarely see families with more than 2.5 children...but I was seeing 4 and 5!! All going shopping for school items. My Mom had 7...she never took us all out to the store. Only one or two was allowed to tag along.

I wanted to run up and rub the belly of every prego women for good luck...had to control myself!

I am P+9 today. Went to get my blood work done for the 4th time this week. I am on a first name bases with the hematologist. She is the best! 29 nine years of sticking people. She calls me baby..and sweety! Today she tried my left arm which has been used the past 3 times and it was flat out DRY! Funny that on the way to give blood I thought about asking her take from the other arm...well needless to say I got stuck twice! So, I am waiting for the results and hopefully I will be given the okay to start back on my HCG shots!

I am thinking about getting a very part-time job at Williams Sonoma. Mainly becuase I want the 40% discount at Pottery Barn. However, I would rather be around food things than furniture things while working. So...we shall she is I get hired!


  1. Oh, I'd be in so much trouble if I had a PB discount! I'm pretty frugal, but even I can convince myself that something is a great deal with a 40% off discount.

    Good luck with the painting. My arms are just tired thinking about it.

    I hope your results are back in soon and you can start the hcg. Just one more thing until the thumbs up to ttc.

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