Friday, August 21, 2009

Square One!

Yesterday was P+3 (Peak plus 3)...which means I am back to square one. I am starting my series of blood giving to determine my progesterone levels. I was secretly hoping my doctor would just put me back on the HCG shots...but Creighton is pretty systematic and they want to get my accurate levels. So, this means I have to give blood at P+3, P+5, P+7, P+9, and P+11...and then if mt levels are low I will start taking HCG to improve my estrodial and progesterone.

The bummer part is that these injections start at P+3. So, I won't be able to ttc until October's cycle. Napro does not use HCG as a "trigger shot" like some fertility doctors. HCG is used to help your own body produce the hormones for the following cycle.

The last time I did this series of blood work...besides the low progesterone...they discovered signs of a hypothyroid and high testosterone. I went to my General Practinoner and did my blood work and got an ultrsound. The results: She thinks the Quest Diagnostic Center gave my Napro Doctor the wrong blood....nice!

Off to iron some of hubby's shirts! He normally spends almost 2,000 dollars at the cleaners every I volunteered to iron his shirts! I need to get into a better rotinue with this....he had to iron his own this morning!!!

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