Monday, August 17, 2009

Total Desertion!

I am sooo selfish! I love this women's blog. And she has totally deserted me!! Her last post was titled "Ciao!".... Ciao?? You say goodbye...but I say "Don't Go!!"

Amy is a wonderful Catholic writer whose husband just recently passed away. He was very young...heart attack at the gym on a treadmill. Her writings during that time are so beautiful. I love this snippet:

"Let go. They are the Lord's. They walk with Him, they do not belong to you, they do not exist for your satisfaction or pleasure or entertainment or for any affirmation of anything you have done. They are the Lord's."

This is comforting in so many areas of my teenage daughter who is making me a saint...and just all people who do not stay..

I also adore her because I do believe you had a baby at 44!! She really is good! And now she is gone!

On the fertility front: 10K/C fertile mucus....I was told NO ttc...but I cheated! This is the first time I have seem any fertile mucus since I got pregnant on May 4th...miscarried on July 6. So it was nice to see that I still can produce it. This is also minus the HCG and Mucinex...but I am still taking the Vitamin B6...which make me gag!

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  1. My DH is a huge AW fan and had followed her for a while. We were so sad when heard from some mutual friends that her DH died suddenly.