Monday, August 10, 2009


After reading countless blogs, I have decided to take the plunge myself. Here are my thoughts on my blogging:

1- The blogs on fertility/infertility/sub-fertility have been so helpful to me. I believe the information that is out there needs to be shared. Especially the information on the Creighton is so new and so intricate that we need to support one another in the journey.

2- I just resigned as executive director of a non-profit organization to be a full-time wife and mother to my 16 year old daughter and 8 year old step-daughter. Unfortunately, I have discovered that they don't really need me 24/ I am feeling misplaced. I figured some writing could occupy my time.

3- I have been married for 14 months. I was diagnosed through Creighton that I had low progesterone and was put on HCG shots. I got pregnant the first cycle, was put on progesterone shots, HCG shots and then miscarried during week 10. I was obsessed with finding out all the information I could on the web concerning low progesterone. This enabled me to stumble upon some wonderful blogs about fertility and Napro..some very honest and heartwarming blogs that have helped me through the miscarriage. So, I am here to add to the "support group."

4- Hopefully...I can be of some help!

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