Thursday, August 13, 2009

"We're Jewish, We Abort!"

Ugh! I went out last night with one of my best friends and I am feeling the pain today! Too many Blue Moons! Anyway, she was telling me a story about the last time she was pregnant, the receptionist at her dentist office asked her if she was getting the "Quad Marker Screening"..when my friend said no..the woman said, "That's right, you're Catholic, we're Jewish, we abort." Is that not just horrible!! My friend told me that I would not like the story...but, honestly..we are talking about little helpless babies!

I was always curious about why most Jewish people are okay with abortion. Especially since so many Jewish people were killed during the Holocaust would think they would want to create more of their own. Ironically, Hitler was all about getting rid of the handicap and those "non-productive" individuals. It would seem to me that Jewish people would try extra hard not to repeat the destruction that Hitler created! Just a thought.....

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