Monday, November 16, 2009

Time is Flying!

I can not believe I am already back to my 2ww. This is crazy. It feels like yesterday I was crying about a failed cycled. These months go by too fast and unfortunately the whole ttc thing doesn't help. Everyday is a cycle number and a different regiment of ttc vitamins or prescriptions. I am always anxious for the next day...and this is making my life fly by!!

So..on that note: Today is CD17 and least I think...I am not that confident on my Peak Day. I re-read my Creighton handbook and they made it sound like it was as clear as day...that it would knock you in the face...I must be slowwww...

So, I went through the proper protocol this cycle and added the Fertile CM myself. I saw a HUGE difference in my CM. I have never had such great CM...well probably when I was 20...but I wasn't looking at that time in my life. Does anyone know (maybe the lovely TCIE) the mucus score calculator?? How do you add up the scores? I would be curious to know what my score is....when I got pregnant last May, I had an 8..which is not that great. Since then I have had a 3 and a 4...terrible!

I had the craziest dream two nights ago. I was given 6 babies. Not sure how I got them...but they were coming any day and I was freaking because I did not have 6 cribs. The dream took a weird turn and I was debating a Senator on abortion by the end of it...and then I woke...very weird!!!

If this cycle does not produce a screaming bambino I am going to start taking my temperature and use an ovulation predictor kit. I think that would help for me to determine when I ovulate. Another thing that I re-read in the Creighton book was that the egg is only good for 12 hours...which I realize there are other factos that keep it going longer...but that is not a long all.

I found some cool Yoga videos on cable...I am excited to try them. I just did a 12 minute yoga stretch. It was pretty good....and I think I could get into this! london broil, garlic mashed potatoes, and spinach....must get back to my kitchen!
Have a great night!

(Watching Cake Boss tonight....if you have never should!!)


  1. Nope, not slow about picking up the signs. I had problems pegging peak during my last cycle. It's not always that clear. Good question about the mucus score. I've been curious about that too.

  2. I love Cake Boss! Sorry about the unclear P-day.
    I am no help at all, but know the frustration. B/C of PCOS, my temperature is the only thing that lets me know if I did ovulation. Frustrating!