Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CD 11...Good CM

I am having great me at least! The past three days have been 10K, 10CL, and 10KL!! Yeah!..I have never had such great mucus....since I have been charting that is... I am taking the amoxicillian 3xs a day, Fertile CM 3xs a day, Mucinex 2xs a day...and then my other vitamins and prenatal vitamins. I am totally FOCUSED!!

I need to be pregnant before November is a mental thing. I'll be 40!! This way I can say it was a 39 year old egg!!!

Went to my mammogram last night. It took 7 minutes. I am most definetely on the smaller side..ha! I thought it was painless and quick!! Praise God! Ladies you have nothing to fear when the time comes...

Thanks to all those who gave me YOGA suggestions. I will look for all of those tapes...and I fogot that they have exercise shows on cable,....I will check that out too!!!!

I have a million things to do today and my laptop is not working. So, I am on my husbands computer. I love my Apple....and I am sad that something is wrong with it. So...I am off to the Apple store to see what they can do for me!

Happy Veterans Day!!!

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  1. You sound like me. I keep telling myself that I was a month premature, so really, I'm a month younger than the date on my birth certificate. That means I technically have until April before I'm 40. Yes, that it. It won't be until April. Right.

    Good luck with your goal. The wonderful CM is a pretty good start, I'd say.