Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Few Updates!

Had it not been for my St. Anne Novena..I would have been completely MIA. I am in a bit of a my Phillies I suppose. It it is either the turning back of the clocks..or the daunting 40th birthday day that is quickly three weeks. Anyhow, here are a few updates.

1- My Sister, who has been doing Creighton had a miscarriage a week ago. I am starting to think there is something in the water in Philadelphia!

2- While on the phone with her see told me about a book that she read called: Inconceivable. She gave it to me when I saw her at a family party this weekend. I am on page 17 so I don't have much to report. But, it seems that this 42 year old woman has one child and then is told that her FSH level is too high to ever achieve again. So, she takes a non-conventional way of getting pregnant. Lots of herbs and different techniques. Here are some of things that my Sister is now taking becuase of reading the book:

-Bee Polin, (Royal Jelly)
-Rasberry Tea Leaves
-Blue-Green Algae
--Wheat grass

I will read the book and decide if I am giving it any credence!

2- I am on CD7....and noticed some 10K...very early for me...not sure what that means. But, since I saw it I am starting the amoxicilian, the mucinex...and I ordered Fertile CM and as soon as it comes, I will take that too!!

3- Made an appointment to have my mammogram....yeah I am pretty bummed about that one...I was hoping to be pregnant and avoid that....for a few years!!!!

4- I have my first meeting at Williams Sonoma tonight for my Holiday Employment!! I need to make some extra cas fast....should be fun!

Alright! Have a great night!!


  1. So sorry about your sister. I've often wondered to myself if there is something genetic that they (med. community) just don't know about yet. My sister had 5 m/c, I've had 3, likely to increase. So upsetting.

    Have fun at the WS. I wonder if that will be as much fun as I imagine!

    Sorry about the Phillies. That was a rough game to watch.

  2. I've heard of that book. I've also heard of using bee pollen and royal jelly as fertility enhancers. I have to say, I'm skeptical about those two things, at least. If I were an insect, I'd put more credence into them. That's not to say that alternative methods don't work (I'm still trying Vitex myself and I wasn't above looking into traditional chinese medicine); I simply can't see how those particular items would.

  3. I heard bee pollin cures anything! ;) I have heard great things about that wheat grass too! ;)

    Did your Dr. tell you take your amox as soon as you are done bleeding. :) Mine did... :)

  4. Sew: No...she did not. She told me P-4..which is impossible to guess. How can anyone know when their peak day is going to be before it happens? So, I decided to take it because I saw peak type mucus. I'll just follow your Dr's suggestion...ha!

    I got up to page 66 of the book last night...and acupuncture is something else that this woman tries and jumping rope! is suppose to shake up the organs!!

    Bee pollen is the fertility substance that the Queen Bee apparently produces...or is given...I am not sure. But, both male and female are suppose to take it!

  5. Sorry about your sister. I feel like Ann is right that there's probably a genetic component to many m/c. My feeling on supplements is that if you can afford and your dr. doesn't feel that it's unsafe, than why not try it. That's crazy that your dr. told you P-4, which you wouldn't know beforehand even if you were on injectables and doing daily u/s.